Bonus: Sales Page Video

To create a Sales Page video, the best script to follow is the outline of your sales page itself. But as you ideally want to keep it under 5 minutes, you want to make it a bit more concise and snappy. So using the worksheet where you wrote all the copy for your Sales Page, […]

Write Sales Page Copy

Take Action: Use the Sale Page Copywriting Worksheet to write all the text you need for your Sales Page Reminder: There is a separate Masterclass on how to add this text and edit the launch website Sales Page

Plan your Bonuses

Take Action: Use the Bonus Planner to plan the bonuses that you will have with your offer. At a minimum, you at least want 1 bonus that is for everyone (ideally that is an amazing “over the line bonus but may not be possible with lower end offers) 1 Fast Action Bonus (usually a discount) […]

Create a Hook

Take Action: You should have already downloaded the NAME, HOOK AND USP SPREADSHEET If not, download and make a copy by  going to FILE > MAKE A COPY Use the spreadsheet to brainstorm the HOOK you can have for your offer using the different Hook types. Really think about which type works with your offer and brand personality […]