Bonus: Launch Branding Kit

Using The Launch Branding Kit So of course, getting your webinar up and running in a weekend means I’ve included PRE-DESIGNED CANVA PRESENTATION SLIDES. But why stop there? You will need more than just a branded slide deck to launch… so I’ve also included all the other launch graphics templates you will need (in 2 […]

Bonus: Facebook Launch Magic

Accessing and Using the FB Launch Magic Software If you’re ready for a massive launch, but you have a tiny or non existent list, you can either spend 6 months slowly trying to grow an email list… or you can use paid ads. FB Launch Magic will show you exactly how to come up with […]

Webinar Funnel Template

Evergreen Webinar Clickfunnels Funnel Template Once you have created your webinar and run it live and recorded it you never have to go back and do either again. It can be viewed 24/7, 365 And evergreen webinars means evergreen revenue. And your audience will love not having to “wait” till this day and that time, […]

Webinar Slide Deck

Slide by slide presentation deck A webinar presentation utilizes a PowerPoint style (I love Google Slide) 99.9% of the time. This presentation is the focus of the webinar and what your webinar attendees will be looking at throughout the length of the entire presentation.  Since it is the star, and it’s so easy to put […]

Webinar Script

Word-for-word webinar scripts A webinar presentation script is crucial as helps you to be confident in what you’re saying and knowing you are delivering the very best content to your audience, at the right time in the live webinar presentation. However, crafting a killer webinar script is not simple but with this word for word […]