As a CEO Masterminder, we’re going to be on call to help you almost 24/7!

Big statement, we know.

But you’ve just made a huge investment and we want to show up every step of the way as you tap into all of the resources, goodness and exclusive support.

You’ll be receiving Boardroom calls with our team of experts to help guide you on your CEO War Room Roadmap…

But what if a question springs up between those monthly calls?

Enter Voxer! This incredible service allows you to have direct access to Indie and I with the ability to ask those burning questions that are holding you back in your business.

Voxer is one of our favourite communication apps to keep our Doers in the loop and on top of any hairy situations.

So when we say we’ll be in your corner every step of the way from the beginning of the program to the end – that’s exactly what we mean 🙂

We check Voxer regularly and will respond to your question within 48 hours (during business days). If you are waiting for a response, please make sure you factor in this turnaround time and be aware that we will not respond over the weekend.

What is not suitable to send via Voxer:

  • Technical questions…
  • Questions around fixing automation issues or…
  • Questions to review copy or documents.

Voxer is here to provide you with strategic advice and we recommend trying a Google search for any general tech-based questions – there is a wealth of information on the web that you can take advantage of!

For work that you would like reviewed, you can post in the VIP Facebook group or submit for our next Boardroom Call.

To get up and running, download the app from the App Store on your smartphone (or the Android equivalent) then set up your account by following the in-app prompts. To add us simply type our names Ese Eniwumide & Indira Pierrot, into the search bar.